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Suppliers of large-scale retailing

Suppliers of large-scale retailing facing numerous challenges

The CPG sector (CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods) is made up of a huge variety of players: supermarket suppliers, central purchasing offices, trading companies, selective distribution, hypermarkets and supermarkets, catering and hospitality suppliers, professionals of out of home eating. Whatever your position in the chain and your distribution network, you belong to a complex sector and are faced with numerous issues :

  • Growing pressure on prices,
  • Complicated cooperation contracts (advertising participation, RFA…),
  • Complex tariff systems (multiple discounts, promotions, ancillary expenses…)
  • A competitive international environment (Own Brand or Private Label Brand),
  • Multiplication of distribution channels,
  • Permanent expectation for innovation from consumers.

Solutions adapted to the challenges facing your sector

To overcome these challenges and to supply the networks with goods and equipment that meet consumer requirements, your company must be :

  • Reactive to meet a fluctuating and varied demand, whilst keeping an eye on productivity indicators and the calculation of your margins and band rates, to best monitor your production orders (PO),
  • Organized with the control of your stock management, flow management (Production Master Plan), supply chain, and the calculation of your profit threshold,
  • Rigorous to analyze profitability in real time and take the right decisions,
  • At the forefront of regulations for impeccable quality assurance and logistics thanks in particular to optimal traceability.


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