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Specialist business management solutions Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Office 365



Your information system is hindering your growth. You are trying as best as you can to satisfy your customers to sustain and develop your business and to expand your customer portfolio. However, you are experiencing numerous issues in your sales and marketing management on a daily basis:

  • a lack of relevant information on your contacts,
  • information dispersion,
  • difficulties to detect, follow up on and transform sales opportunities,
  • tools poorly or not adapted to the mobility of your sales team.

You would like to reduce your costs and increase the profitability of your sales and marketing management process to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, for sales and marketing operations as well as for customer services


A CRM, whether coupled or not with a collaborative solution like Office 365, allows you to grow your revenues by selling more and/or better and to make savings by optimizing the organization of your sales process. That’s why we offer our clients the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a sales management system that is flexible, reactive, simple, ergonomic and high-performance. It means you will be able to:

  • boost your sales efficiency thanks to reliable and relevant customer data that is accessible anytime, anywhere and on different supports (PC, laptop, Smartphone, tablet),
  • offer an irreproachable service to your customers. You can increase customer loyalty by personalizing the answers you give them,
  • do intelligent marketing. Your marketing actions are targeted. You can interact easily with your customers and can better orientate them to the right products. You can also measure the impact of your campaigns and actions,
  • make the most of social media advantages. Social media networks provide you with pertinent information on your customers, meaning you can better target your messages. At the same time, you can keep your finger on the pulse of trends impacting your brand.
  • improve user well-being. Thanks to its integration with Microsoft solutions (Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Power BI…), Dynamics CRM offers users unequalled user comfort.


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