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Health sector


The health sector is slowly recovering from the crisis. Spending (prevention, care, research etc) represents about 12% of GDP in France according to INSEE. However, this sector, which is oriented towards innovation, is approaching a revolution through both technical and technological progress.

Professionals are subject to strict standards and rules that evolve and must be respected (governed by Inserm, the Ministry of Health, or the Ministry of Research). Big Data is also becoming more and more prevalent. Several challenges facing professionals in the sector:

  • Keep abreast of developments in legislation, regulations and user behavior trends.
  • Optimized management of resources and data (health safety, internal information transmission, patient records…) for effective quality assurance and traceability.
  • Control and anticipate your costs in Research and Development.
  • Adopt a momentum for innovation, product/service research and continuous improvement.
  • Grow your international business

Equipping yourself with robust and flexible IT systems therefore allows you to calmly apprehend the changes in motion and above all to be able to adapt to these changes.


As a strategic industrial sector, health is faced with the full transformation of the medical world. The sector must evolve with its environment and be able to meet the new requirements of these “consumer stakeholders” who fully control their purchasing power and make it a point of honour to ensure the high quality of the different products.

Equip yourself with the right software to work effectively in a public health context

To be able to face tomorrow’s new challenges, it is important to equip yourself with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software packages that allow you to:

  • structure your Research and Development (R&D) and Production processes while remaining flexible and scalable,
  • make quick informed decisions with reliable data updated in real time,
  • manage your physical (traceability, quality, etc.) and financial flows,
  • collect health data to support participatory medicine,
  • manage the patient care journey effectively (illness, treatments, medical records, etc.).

We support research and health stakeholders in the redesign of their information systems. They trust us for their ERP projects (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX), but also for customer relationship management (Microsoft Dynamics CRM), or for their infrastructure or collaborative platform (Office 365).


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