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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Are you looking for a solution that centralizes all your company’s financial data? It is the promise that the ERP (Entreprise resource planning) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance keeps.

Capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ERP

  • Optimization of the data system. Integrate all your financial and operational data on one support.  All your company’s information is centralized and linked together. A considerable saving in time and gain in productivity.
  • Automatization. Thanks to the internal and external data processing flows, actions can be automated. For example, a customer order is processed from A to Z, with it being taken into account at delivery, stock reduced and with the relevant accounting lines.

Leverage decision making tools to optimize your profitability.

  • Generation of financial reports. To generate reports, there are two solutions available to you. The first, Management reporter, is integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. This tool serves to produce balance sheets. Secondly, you could use Power BI, ideal for creating smart graphs to illustrate your finances.
  • Real time analysis. All your data is interconnected in real time, offering you a consolidated vision of your group of companies. This implies that you can rely on analysis of a product line, a service, a year, a group of customers or suppliers etc.  whenever you wish.
  • Artificial intelligence. Back to back with predictive analysis, artificial intelligence exploits your financial data to suggest streamlining options. To resume, it helps you to make decisions or to defend your company strategy.

To facilitate exchanges to reduce financial risk.

  • Office 365, the Accounts choice. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Office 365 are perfectly integrated in a same ecosystem. The plugins are embedded, so compatibility between Excel and the ERP is guaranteed which means greater simplicity.
  • International. Microsoft D365 Finance is equipped with multi currencies, multi languages and multi legislations. This is a real advantage, particularly in the case of international groups. It means that you are in line with local legislation with all the while a homogeneity of rules across your group. Conversion is automatic.

ERP finance cloud

Deploying Microsoft D365 Finance : what advantages?

  • A global vision. Removing the partitions between the structures created with traditional solutions makes for clearer legibility of your company’s information and data. From now on you will be able to anticipate on and adopt targeted strategies.
  • Autonomy. The up to date data communicates in real time between your different departments. Depending on their role or level of access to information, your collaborators will be processing data in total autonomy.
  • Customization. To best adapt to your business, the integrated management system can be customized. Our Finance experts will assist you in parameterizing the solution, guaranteeing meeting your specific needs. Moreover, add-ons that are often dedicated to certain business sectors are available.

A high performance, ever-evolving system that is always up to date.

  • A reliable system. The Microsoft ecosystem has already been proven in terms of performance. Indeed, the renown of its developers makes it a worldwide recognized publisher.
  • Evolutive. Microsoft ensures an evolutive solution, thanks to the continuous deliveries of the ERP’s capabilities. By opting for the Cloud configuration, the updates are in real time. The roll out with your users is eased and accelerated.
  • Mobility. The solution is multi-support. You can access it via any connected device equipped with this solution. In other words, you can pilot from your tablet, smartphone, or of course your PC.


The expert’s opinion : Thomas Gruet, Consultant for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance at Isatech

“Thanks to the readily available interconnected information flows, you can pilot your company in real time. With this global vision, you are no longer in a culture of observation but in one of anticipation.”


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