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Distribution - Retail


The arrival of the Internet and Big Data in the world of commerce has greatly changed our purchasing behaviour, the end consumer or professional customers can now decide on an order even before contacting the seller. The multiplication of sales channels and technological advances are only increasing buyers’ expectations of commercial professionals who have to keep innovating.
Retail companies are therefore faced with many challenges:

  • Bricks & Mortar : offer a unique experience to customers visiting on-line or physical stores with personalised customer service which is seamless across channels.
  • Catalogue sales : multiply multi-channel, omni-channel and cross channel (e-commerce) to generate extra income.
  • Call centers : give sales teams and customer service teams a global vision of the data to have all the information relative to the customers.
  • Mobility : make it possible for mobile teams to access all their data from wherever they are using smartphones or tablets.


To cope with these changes, retail players must be equipped with reliable and flexible software that allows them to adapt to market movements while retaining precise control over their business.
That’s why at isatech we offer a raft of services capable of supporting you in your digital transformation and of responding to challenges such as:

  • Accurate piloting of your business with visibility on margins and productivity.
  • Optimisation and automatisation of youe stocks, purchasing and procurement.
  • Management of your customer relations (analysis, retention, exploitation…).
  • Opening new distribution channels and optimal cross channel management (stores, retail sites, industrials or traders, wholesalers, e-commerce, mobility, Point Of Sale – POS)…).
  • Automatisation of processes (purchasing, sales, logistics, accounts…).
  • Organisation of your marketing (schedules, budgets, emailing, online visibility, complete reporting/ BI…).
  • Internationalisation (multilingual management, multi-currency, multi-sites).


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