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Power Apps

With Microsoft PowerApps, create your business applications simply !

Microsoft has developed PowerApps to reply to the challenges of companies that wish to implement business applications with special development.

The interest of this solution is that anyone can create mobile applications that work on the main mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows), but that are also available in web mode via most browsers.

PowerApps is accessible not just to company employees but also to IT teams and developers.

How does PowerApps work?

PowerApps is an online service offering a “drag and drop” type user interface that allows to create mobile applications either from an existing model or from a blank page or from a database.

Mobile applications are created via forms which can include different fields (text, list of options, etc.), components (images, video, camera) and lists.

The data can be stored directly in the application, on external data bases or transferred directly onto another application (for example a CRM).

Once created, you just have to publish it to make it available to the company users!



Example of a business card management application created with PowerApps. You can scan a business card, automatically fill in a contact form and transmit the information onto your CRM.



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