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Specialist business management solutions Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Office 365


6.2 billion extra hours of productivity on a global scale
Three themes on the future of work

  • Networks
  • Concentration (focus)
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration


IA & Data to allow each person to concentrate on their core business

Tomorrow’s work is part of a global context of growing and continuing transformation and an increasing complexity in social interactions, which requires openness, creativity, adaptability and flexibility. Although they are aimed at improving well-being and higher efficiency, these factors can generate difficulties, frustrations and misunderstandings for employees.

Tomorrow’s work, if it is to serve the greatest number, must unleash the potential of each individual, give them the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge now at hand, and simplify their relationships with others (whether hierarchical, commercial, collaborative or cooperative). It must enable the prioritization of high value-added tasks and the automation of those that are less so, enable the ability to act quickly on production in accordance with high standards that are constantly being improved, and also move towards operational excellence shared by all.

Tomorrow’s work, if it is to become a reality, requires coherence in this overall vision as well as organized, prioritized and synchronized action for all these aspects so that it materializes into tangible benefits for both companies and their workforces. Data and intelligence (artificial and human) at the heart of these interactions provide a real springboard to access this ideal.

To make this vision a reality, Microsoft, through its business application solutions, is committed to enriching its “digital loop” every day, based on four main pillars :

  • Client engagement
  • Up-skilling employees
  • Optimization of operations
  • Transformation of products

Data, which is both a product and a resource, means being able to nourish the creation of knowledge and to gain in vision.
Artificial Intelligence, a veritable assistance for management, feeds on this data in order to substitute the individual in his or her demanding, thankless or time-consuming cognitive tasks, but also to create knowledge that is indispensable for the constant improvement of the digital loop as well as user and final customer experience.


An applicative offer that gives sense to your practices

Each of the components in this digital loop contributes to the improvement of the company’s performance and the quality of its services. Microsoft’s applicative business offer covers all the components of the digital loop :

  • Customer engagement: CRM solutions to reinforce links with customers, (Marketing, sales, service)
  • Up skilling for employees: Power Platform, Office365, Talent
  • Optimization of operations: ERP solutions (Finance, Operations, Commerce, Business Central)
  • Transformation of products : Azure IoT, DevOps …