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The finance sector is the most concentrated market in the French system. In 2011 about thirty companies employed roughly 80% of the employees (source INSEE). However, since then the sector has shed practically 30% of jobs per year due to mergers and new requirements. For professionals in the industry the it is therefore a must to master all the aspects of the business and optimize their chances of success on the market.

The clients’ new ways of using and consuming have changed the sector’s businesses. With online banks, virtual advisors and the use of social networks that are necessary to meet a desire for immediacy in this sensitive sector, as well as evolving legislation, it is important to be able to respond to many challenges:

  • Communicate targeted, innovative and reliable offers to your clients
  • Control and reduce risks (costs, rates, ..)
  • Keep abreast of the regulations and norms in a very demanding legislative environment
  • Know how to be efficient and ensure that your services are on trend
  • Differentiate when prices, products and distribution channels can be easily replicated
  • Optimise your performance and gain in competitivity

Making the most of the new tech tools at your disposal to evolve with them in this new consumer world will open up the field of possibilities for a sustainable business.


IT systems subscribe to a logic of innovation and new resource management. Knowing how to take advantage of these developments means you will be able to limit low-added value tasks and consolidate your actions efficiently.

Gain in competitivity and efficiency thanks to the optimization of your processes.
Whether you be specialized in banking products, asset management or insurance, our software solutions will give you the solutions for your business challenges:

  • Satisfy your customers’ requirements thanks to a 360°vision of their information, whilst developing strong and sustainable relations of trust (personalized advice, excellent customer service, simplified connections with others…).
  • Automatize key tasks and processes (notably for edition) so that you can concentrate on your customers and boost operational efficiency and reactivity.
  • Pilot your business’s performance in real time (agent/broker productivity, customer loyalty rates, claims processing…).
  • Transformation of your raw data into pertinent analysis tables for full global reporting (notably accountancy and financial tools).
  • Manage your market internationally with rate adjustments, consumer habits and local functions specific to each country.
  • Efficient management of your accounts and finances thanks to a high- performance invoicing software program and a accountancy software program (consolidate financial files, centralize customer and supplier payments, controlled budget…).

Creating a position on the market necessitates an effective strategy and integrating a software package like an ERP or CRM in your company is a part of that strategy.


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