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In the context of the digital revolution the industrial sector is suffering the consequences of the evolution of our consumer habits. A graph published by the government in April 2015, indicates that the wealth produced by French industry amounts to 266 billion euros and corresponds to 12.6% of the French GDP. This sector is therefore essential and plays a major role in the national economy, particularly through export and innovation.

Production and customer or supplier relationship management models are undergoing a major transformation. This is therefore an opportunity for professionals in the sector who can adapt and innovate. On the other hand, this will be a real challenge for those industries that do not optimize their resources or innovations. This sector faces several challenges:

  • Control forecasts, planning, production processes and customer deliveries (react to price erosion, adapt to delivery or demand fluctuations, etc.)
  • Be able to produce the right quantities at the right time to meet the leadtimes imposed
  • Respect compliance standards, in particular by relying on optimal traceability
  • Know how to optimize both material and human resources, particularly in the processing of raw materials
  • Have a clear vision of the market at both national and international level for effective commercial reactivity (full reporting)
  • Innovate to offer products adapted to your customer needs

Today, it is industries that must adapt to the economic environment. As the supply and demand system is completely reversed, industry’s success depends notably on the implementation of appropriate management software packages.


To cope with this digital transformation and adapt to new consumer habits, it is necessary to know the market to gain in efficiency and optimize production processes as effectively as possible. These operating modes are carried out on two levels: on the one hand, good management of your customer processes and on the other hand, the ability to innovate to differentiate.

Master your environment to manage your workflow better (management of business processes) and your supply chain (supply chain management).
Thanks to ERP and CRM software it is possible to:

  • have a global vision of all your operations and operational control (delivery, costs, lead times, quality assurance,…), in particular to optimize your cost price calculations and your productivity,
  • make decisions quickly based on accurate data,
  • adapt and manage business management processes to remain agile (purchasing, sales, stocks, supplies, etc.), and thus become efficient in sales administration thanks to a developed SCM (Supply Chain Management),
  • to focus on optimal actions and save time through automation,
  • to have a clear vision of the market in real time, nationally and internationally,
  • to develop innovation in production and R&D.

In this constantly evolving market, the proper management of human and material resources through Integrated Management Software (ERP) is a key stake.


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