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Customer service solution

Build long-term customer loyalty

Promote your brand by improving customer experience through your services. The integrated intelligence of our solutions offers a more personalized, faster service, and increases the quality of each of your interactions with your customers. The strong points of the Services Center platform:

    • Define the service conditions within a legal framework, and complete service contract management whatever your service or maintenance business,
    • Create and plan service requests to anticipate on your customers’ needs,
    • Record all the interactions with your customers,
    • Follow customer issues in incident management
    • Structure and collaborate on the knowledge base of your customer Services Center,
    • Create and follow service levels respecting the levels agreed (SLA),
    • Create ticket queues and process incidents with the right communication tools,
    • Manage your teams’ performance and the productivity of your processes with reports, KPIs and integrated dashboards,
    • Use all the mobile supports to manage your service activities in mode online or offline,
    • Respect and ensure your conformity with RGPD is respected.

Provide your customers with a connected support via all the channels

Offer your customers choices for engagement in omnichannel mode

Your customers will be able to use all your resources (customer portal, extranet, mobile applications, product knowledge base …) or to ask for support via text or chat operated by bots or service operators.

Offer your service operators a global vision of your customers’ service history

Manage several customer conversations simultaneously, maintaining the customer’s context and full service history on all channels to offer a omnichannel experience.

Understand the customers in real time and record their feelings

This allows operators and supervisors to understand the customers’ feelings in real time and across channels to be able to improve understanding of their problems and needs, with the aim of continuously improving your customer service.

Engage with customers in real time with chat

Use chat for Dynamics 365, built on the Microsoft Teams communication platform, to interact with your customers in real time.

Activate text communication

Engage with customers on the move thanks to the capacity of texting. Customers and operators use texting for asynchronous communication.

Use your own bot with Microsoft Bot Framework

Plug in your bot, pre-formed and programmed, created on Microsoft Bot to start up conversations with omnichannel customers and transfer the context of the full conversation directly to an operator if necessary.


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