CRM : Gestion de la relation client

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by isatech

Give your customers the attention they deserve

Your business issues

Your current operation is not enough to monitor and accelerate your business. You are facing many constraints.

  • difficulties in your daily seizures. Seizures are long and laborious. They are a multitude of screens. You want to simplify it.
  • complicated access to your customer’s information. You cannot consult quickly, between two appointments, in the car, in the office, with the suitable device.
  • data not maintained. Data are not well informed, not updates. Business does not get involved. It’s hard to plan, organize and track sales processes.
  • loss of productivity. Your sales team spend too much time on the field without any appointments.
  • lack of visibility. You do not have to return to the ROI of your marketing campaigns, or the effectiveness of the actions taken during your last show, for example.
  • risk of losing  information. The information related to a customer project are spread and poor handling can damage files. You need a real customer relationship management software.


Your business solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by isatech allows you to manage all your business activities. You have a powerful and simple tool that is wide range of information for trade.

  • sales management. You follow the activities of commercial, telemarketers detection of need until the signature of the offer.
  • marketing management. You organize your multi-channel communication. You measure the cost and return on investment of your campaigns.
  • social monitoring. You monitor your business environment. You identify trends and retrieve useful information related to your customers through social networks.
  • management service activities. You follow incidents in a case, contract, planning a customer service. The quality of your services has improved and you respond better to the needs of your customers.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM :

  • interface of the application is designed for optimal efficiency. Your users have a complete view of their business and their performance is increased. your employees focus on core tasks.
  • native links with Office 365. Your Outlook Data and CRM tools are synchronized. You operate your data dynamically into Excel. Your document management is optimized with SharePoint. You can geo localized contacts. You save time through an interconnected environment.
  • Multi-device. Accessibility on PC, tablet or smartphone makes it the perfect tool for your field teams.

Isatech accompanies you

We put our technical and functional business skills,  at your service to assist you in setting up and using your CRM :
  • analyzing the existing,
  • advice,
  • project Implementation,
  • specific developments,
  • training in the use,
  • training in the administration,
  • helpline.


They trust us