Decisional Analysis

Make the right decisions with the right analytical tools

Your business issues

Want to optimize your business strategy and get a decision support.

Your are then looking for a solution that :

  • sustainable with a homogeneous and reliable  space storage  in which the data of the company are consolidated,
  • qualitative to highlight critical information to anticipate and make the right decisions,
  • accessible, offering an operational reporting data on your software available directly from Excel, 
  • responsive with data update in real time, 
  • functional, allowing for multivariate analyses.You need a solution that transforms data into relevant key information and thus  get advantage to gain a significant competitive advantage for your business.

Your business solution

We offer solutions that provide you with fast reliable and accurate indicators of decision support. Microsoft partners on the decision, our expertise is focused around solutions :

  • JetReport allows a fully integrated operational reporting in Excel,
  • SQL Server 2012, includes a comprehensive set of offerings for accurate and appropriate analysis of your business data,
  • Power BI, import and query data from internal files, catalogs maintained by Microsoft, from Web sources.


You Get global visibility allowing you to anticipate and make the right choices at the right time :

  • quickly access data on your various information systems to consolidate them,
  • create your own transformation solutions and data integration,
  • quickly and easily generate the desired reporting statements in content and presentation. Put an end to recurring rekeying and copy / paste into Excel massive. The connection is made directly with the information system. You save time and reduce the risk of errors,
  • connect you to real-time data and refresh instantly,
  • create and manage simply multidimensional analytical structures.

Isatech accompanies you

We put our business skills, technical and functional at your service to assist you in setting up and using your decisional solutions :
  • requirements analysis,
  • council,
  • implementation of the project,
  • development,
  • training in the use and configuration,
  • helpline.


They trust us