Isatech : We build the company of the future

Our company

We build the company of the future, based on our roots

Created in 1983, in Vannes (Brittany), Bureau 56 (isatech’s first name) is at its beginning a software and computing services company, specialized in industrial labelling equipment. Thanks to the quality of our work, our clients, mostly from the local food industry, decided to progressively give us the computing management of their business. Thus, it’s a new beginning for isatech which decide to embark on management software edition, developed inside the company, and then in ERP integration, in the 90’s.
Our offer catalogue is at this moment composed of numerous professional softwares as Divalto, Sage, SAP and Navision… But the acquisition of Navision by Microsoft in 2002 resulted for isatech to a turning point. Indeed, the company decided to specialized in exclusive integration of Microsoft solutions. At the same time, isatech see its reputation grown as well as its team, with 35 employees in 2001 to 65 in 2007, year when Jérôme Bazin became the isatech’s CEO. After that, the board of directors wants to continue to grow the company and strengthen its partnership with Microsoft. In 2013, isatech continues its way and its growth in opening a subsidiary in Tunisia, and then in Belgium in 2015.

Today, 100% Microsoft integrator, we became a computing services company which count 135 employees, distributed in 5 locations and generate €15,4 millions of annual turnover. We feel like we are a company of the future, focused on innovation, education and well-being of our employees. And if our roots are our strength to build that future, they represent also a longevity guarantee for our clients who trust us since now 30 years.

Our team, Isateam

The success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients are our only preoccupations. The 135 isatech’s collaborators do everyday their best to guarantee a high level of service to our 350 clients. This involvement in our work is what drives our directors team. From the industrial world, Jérôme Bazin, isatech’s CEO, and Franck Le Strat, isatech’s general manager, have for common trait to have experienced hard information system deployment, as client of traditional computing services company.
Today, more than a simple computing provider, isatech get into position of strategic partner of its clients. We are renown for our qualified advices, the quality of project management, training, and the follow-up of our clients’ progress. But above all, and since the beginning of this adventure, isatech owes its success to the quality of women and men who are part of the team.