Technipat : Responds to its expansion issues

Responds to its expansion issues

Technipat produces intermediates sweet and savory biscuit to industries. Over 600 recipes and 3,000 items are exported all over Europe to be integrated into production processes of its customers.

In 2009, during the creation of its plant in Rethel (08), the company replaced its information system to support its development.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech and our food unit, it is now 100% winner :

  • it improves production planning and respond to the needs of its customers supply in tight flow.
  • it optimizes the traceability of raw materials and production. Commodities are followed upon arrival. Production data can be accessed in real time. In case of an incident, Technipat can react quickly.
  • it easily develops new products through effective reporting. Production costs and human resources required to the product manufacturing are controlled.
  • it has a shared information. Each employee may, depending on their rights, access information centralized in one tool.


The project

Since 2009, the agribusiness module Technipat uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech for its durability and its ability to adapt perfectly to its industrial constraints.

This ERP meets the requirements of regularity, precision calibrations and compliance controls required by its customers. All management processes (production, logistics, quality …) are optimized.

Since 2012, the Rethel factory is a BRC certified with the means provided to expand its product range, improve its processes and enhance its standards quality management (production, logistics, quality …) are optimized.