Lobodis : Control its costs and balance its relationships !

Control its costs and balance its relationships with major retailers

Lobodis roasts and sells fair trade coffee from organic agriculture. This eco-friendly company founded in 1988 in Saint-Brieuc, also offers other organic products such as tea, chocolate and sugar.

More than just roaster and unmatched expertise, Lobodis is a supportive company. It works with HWC (Help Work Centre) since 1994.

Through the third winner, Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech, business intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lobodis is efficient.

  •  it controls its selling prices and anticipated costs.The data available in real time for analyzing the activity and make the right decisions. For example, the company can easily calculate the financial impact caused bya new logistics demanded by supermarkets.So they canrespond positively to brands requests or offer them cross-functional solutions.
  • it professionalized its relationship with retailers. Lobodis uses the same language as his interlocutors of Large and Medium size retailers and simply manages the same pricing data: Average promotional rate (APR), new promotional tools (NPT) codes Promotion …
  • it has reliable information shared by all. All employees have access to an updated information and save valuable time in the decision making.


The project

Lobodis had to meet the constraints of the market for consumer goods, while maintaining margins.

Throughout the project, Lobodis and isatech have worked closely together. We guided them to ask the right questions, to step back and look to the future.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM BI and ERP solutions implemented by isatech enable our customers to be more responsive to meet new needs of its market.