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Les Brioches Fonteneau
Obtain the IFS, BRC, standards based on their information systems

Manufacturer of buns and pastries, Brioches Fonteneau provide supermarkets under their own brand « My Boul’Ange » but also in BD (Brand Distributors) with « Reflections of France » or « Our regions have talent. » Constantly growing in a highly competitive, the company regularly renews its tools to optimize its operation. In 2014, The Brioches Fonteneau asked us on a dual project: migrate their ERP on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For the ERP part, the company was seduced by the new features that allows to :

  • to have a powerful tool to monitor and analyze operations. The company meets expectations in a matter of food safety required by quality certifications and standards IFS, BRC, ISO, labels, MDD … It manages its production orders, simulates its consumption and control costs facing the constant increase of raw materials.
  • automate its production methods to be more responsive in a supply organization in tight flows.
  • having apermanent solution, adopted by users.Those offered byMicrosoftare dynamic and are subject tocontinuous improvement.They have averyintuitive designalready knownby usersof Microsoft software(Word, Excel, PowerPoint…).

Regarding the customer relationship management (CRM), Brioches Fonteneau wish a simple tool , secured, centralized and shared by sales.With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company endows its sales force of a fast and versatil single user-friendly tool. Sales people are productive at all times. They access to business wherever they are and regardless of network coverage information. Ty become more efficient and increase the time they spend on sales and as well as monitoring. Sales people have key indicators that allow them to make the right décisions.


The Project


We are partners of Brioches Fonteneau since 17 years. We have optimized their IT systems and deployed their first management software. We then assisted them on the migration of their system to the legislative standards and IFS and BRC regulations, extremely demanding regarding traceability and responsiveness. Today Brioches Fonteneau witness their satisfaction by assigning us again their information systems optimization , through the implementation of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM.