Laffort Œnologie : Accelerates its international growth

Laffort Œnologie
Accelerates its international growth

To support its domestic and international growth, Laffort oenology overhauled its information system and used our expertise. Information and used our expertise.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech, the company is taking advantage of a solution that meets the requirements of its business:

  • Manages the traceability of its lots on all stages of production. The strict regulatory framework set by the health code is respected. The real-time traceability inherent in the biochemical and biotechnological activities, is rigorous.
  • It controls its pricing in a complex environment between distributors, operators and end users.
  • Optimizes logistics. Its application barcode and its 25 terminals to manage 6,400 tons of batches stored in its central warehouse of 6500 sqm


The Project

Isatech accompanied Laffort oenology in the overhaul of its information system « big bang » mode. This choice of startup mode allowed to bring a participatory approach in time optimized. All involved over the same period, employees could discuss the difficulties encountered. In less than eight months, accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory management and food production have been deployed in France and in the Italian and Spanish subsidiaries of the company.

The project allowed to combine the advantages of a flexible and scalable ERP International, homogeneous, with the bonus of a suitable functional coverage to business issues. Through its information system, Laffort oenology declined many costs and raised level of service to its customers. The ERP implemented today is in its service of its expertise and its innovative capabilities to optimize the quality of wines with respect for nature