IGNA : Increases productivity by 30%

Increases productivity by 30%

Created in 2003, IGNA (Institut Génétique Nantes Atlantique) was the first French genetic fingerprinting laboratory. Specialist of human DNA seized on crime scenes, the company makes each year hundreds of thousands of analyzes.

The results timing and their reliability is a must in a situation where we run against time.

To structure its business, IGNA has requested our services to deploy the Microsoft Dynamics NAV management software.

Through the ERP, the laboratory improves today its productivity and stands out from the competition:

  • It owns a solution which is flexible and adaptable to changing biological techniques, as well as administrative procedures particularly demanding,
  • It has a centralized software that manages all the activities of the laboratory and global traceability analysis,
  • It uses customized screen according to the user’s needs, which are designed to exactly match the sequencing of operations, from the collection until the analysis and the results interpretation.


The project

Isatech has supported IGNA throughout the entire project for 6 months. The system put in place is now managing a broad functional coverage: services orders, production monitoring, analysis and automatic recording of DNA in the national database, billing and accounting. It goes even further up to the automatic sending reports analysis to investigators and judges.

The ERP has enabled IGNA maintain its technological edge. Its compatibility with the rest of the information and its native operating system with Microsoft Office facilitated the implementation of the project.

Since the implementation of the project, the productivity of the company increased by 30%.