Le Groupe Simon ; Choose a high performance of infrastructure

Le Groupe Simon
Choose a high performance of infrastructure

Co-founder of the Network Profile +, the Simon Group provides distribution and maintenance of tires for individuals and professionals. 67 Agencies and 750 employees are present throughout the Great West.

To continue its growth, the 2006 IT infrastructure deployed is not enough. To meet the satisfy the needs of the users, whose number has almost doubled in three years (250-430 employees), the group has used our expertise to standardize and unify its system

We proposed to the Simon Group, a solution focused on 2 technologies: virtualization and clustering. Result of these operating modes, the group benefited from :

  • improved availability of servers,
  • a consolidated infrastructure,
  • centralized administration.

The Simon Group has seen many positive changes :

  • it has reduced the number of physical machines,
  • it has reduced his energy bill,
  • took a big advantage of an improved system in case of failure due to the portability of virtual machines,
  • got advantages in terms of acquiring servers licenses.


The Project

We have assisted the Simon group in his project change. We offered them solutions for their expansion goals.
Virtualization techniques and clustering have met the needs of sustainability and expandability of the companies.
The Simon Group now has a rapid information system, fluid and less expensive.
The group remain independent to maintain its system.