The Norac Group : Automates and dematerialized management

The Norac Group
Automates and dematerialized management orders

Based in Rennes, the Norac Group consists of 13 subsidiaries in which Daunat, Le Ster or La Boulangère belong to. Its bakery products, snacks and catering are distributed in France and abroad.

While we were initially partner with Le Ster for 30 years, the entire group has given us trust for the management of its IT companies.

In 2004, it choses Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech to support its growth and its changing needs.

With this ERP, the Group optimized its management processes and gets the full benefits today:

  • It anticipates easily its production. The system allows to be available and responsive to provide fresh products with a short PED. The group has a logistics in tight flow. A shipment can sometimes be performed one hour after the receipt of the order, and for a product that requires 6 hours of manufacturing.
  • It automatically manages orders via EDI. ERP can also save, check and simply accept the other commands. The developed interface is intuitive and ergonomic. It saves time in seizures.
  • It has consolidated and consistent reports from a single tool, despite the independence of each fields and their differences. The solution is suitable for multi-use companies. The settings can take into account the methods specific to each working entity.
  • It improves inventory management, traceability and logistics. After the establishment of vouchers, the prepared commands are monitored, validated and directed by scanning bar codes.


The project

In 2004, Norac group selected from a dozen solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which allowed the company to build confidence and security information. Our knowledge of the food industry and the problems encountered with the distribution networks have enabled us to guide the group.

Finance purchases through inventory, sales administration and logistics, 250 employees today use Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech:

  • 75 at Daunat
  • 75 La Boulangère
  • 25 at Le Ster
  • 20 in SFE.

The deployment was a success in terms of compliance with the schedule of operations and understanding and acceptance of change. In parallel, the group has new servers for increased security.