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La Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye
Reduced storage costs and improves cash

Biscuit manufacturer located in Orne, the Biscuit Abbey produces biscuits of type shortbread cookies, cakes or cookies. 100% family small size enterprise of 230 employees, Biscuit Abbey was created in 1964 from a bakery which held its regional reputation of a tasty shortbread. Today true ambassador of Normandy, the company has been awarded many times for its expertise.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech and our agribusines module, the Biscuit Abbey manages better its business.

  • It optimizes the management of its production costs. Relying on powerful decision the company has visibility into its supply needs and its production costs..
  • It oversees the management of its orders by automating via EDI.
  • It controls the traceability of its products, from supply up to shipments. the mobile devices proposed by isatech and the labeling made immediately upon receipt of the raw materials helps to improve monitoring of production. The company responds thus the requirements of the large and medium size retail stores.


The project

We support the Biscuit Abbey for 25 years and now its IT infrastructure in its overall management.

It is to monitor its rate of 150,000 biscuits / hour over 230 different recipes that the company has opted for Microsoft Dynamics NAV by isatech and our agribusiness module (previously SI Foodware).

The company has managed to reduce inventories and improve cash flow. It has become more competitive by adjusting to the maximum its sales prices .