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Solution collaborative : Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 : collaborative solution
Take advantage from more than just an online office !

In which case do you need collaborative tools ?

You wish to save time on low-value tasks and empowering your employees to work together effectively is essential. In fact, having a software that helps your employees to organize documents, create presentations, charts or graphics computing and to manage their work schedule, contacts and messaging is no longer enough !

All these office software must be adapted to new uses. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook must be accessible anytime, anywhere and regardless the usage (PC, tablet, laptop, smartphone). They must operate for the user’s needs and facilitate group work. To deal with these changes and increase your daily productivity, you want to take advantage from a complete and easily accessible software.


How can collaborative solutions help you ?

With the new Microsoft Office pack, you get your usual software, except they are now being continually updated and accessible from anywhere. With it, you get many advantages :

  • the power of the cloud available anytime with regular applications updates,
  • the ability to work from anywhere, your documents, messages and contacts can be reached easily,
  • simplification of team work by sharing calendars and documents, instant messaging and video conference,
  • a professional security quality at a predictable monthly cost, requiring no investment in infrastructure.

Office 365 has been specifically designed for companies that benefit from communication tools and professionals working to meet their productivity needs.