Infrastructure and Cloud : Make the right choice !

Infrastructure and Cloud
Make the right choice for your business

In what cases do you need to evolve your infrastructure ?


Your infrastructure slows your growth. You encounter many difficulties to develop your business :

  • lack of flexibility. Your servers choice in the past does not allow you to see clearly which technology can bring you more flexibility in your business activities. You want to focus on your business and its development and not IT.
  • lack of reliable data. Data recovery differs from one service to another and makes for example your ability to decide.
  • lack of knowledge of available clouds. Your activities are fragmented. You want to take advantage of opportunities with public cloud, private or simply to be « connected »  to applications only available  in cloud but you do not know what to do and how to decide.
  • lack of expertise. IT tools are out of reach for you. You miss network of expertise in virtualization and storage, just on your current configuration.

You wish all the components of your information system involved in the performance of your business.


How a new hybrid (Cloud and on-site) infrastructure can help you ?


To contribute to the performance of your business and if your telecom links allow, Cloud solutions can be mixed with facilities on site. It is possible to retain applications hosted on servers in your premises and to adopt parallel cloud applications to streamline your processes, increase your business agility while securing the privacy of your data.

We offer our customers a range of infrastructure, hardware and cloud with many qualities :

  • sustainable. The solutions we offer are reliable. They have manufacturers guarantees. They are scalable and can be adapted to your context in terms of broadband internet access, dematerialization and mobility.
  • at the service of the users. Architectures and cloud infrastructure solutions are at the service of your purposes. They provide comfort to the user and increases its effectiveness. You use materials recongized on the market, prepared by our teams to be used effectively anywhere.
  • open. You can access  for business management solutions, customer relationship management, decision and get a document library to facilitate the use of your data.
  • flexible. You become more consumer of infrastructure than just an holder . You do not mobilize your budgets in a heavy investments for your cash flow, and handicapping for the development of your business.