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ERP : Gestion d'entreprise

ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning
Give your company a global and simplified management solution

In what cases do you need an ERP* ?

Your information system slows your growth. You face many difficulties to effectively drive your business :

    • data redundancy. A same type information is present in different computer systems.
    • lack of reliable data. Data recovery differs from one service to another and makes the stock management difficult.
    • absence of an overall vision. Your activities are fragmented. It is impossible, for example, to monitor a complete ordering process, from the order taking until the invoice through the shipping.
    • lack of uniformity. IT tools have a wide range of ergonomics.

You want all the components of your information system involved in the performance of your business.


How can ERP help you ?

The ERP, a software solution that includes a set of functional modules (finance, production, purchasing, etc.) linked by a single database. Homogenizing, increasing the reliability and simplifying the management of your information, it contributes greatly to the performance of your business.

That is why we offer to our customers the Microsoft Dynamics range (NAV and AX), ERP for many qualities:

  • spontaneous. Simple to use, it provides comfort to the user.
  • sustainable. Reliable and evolving, they benefit of the fameof their globally recognized Microsoft Publisher.
  • intelligent. They provide decision support tools, a report library and easy data operation.
  • « multi-everything »
    • multi activity. All operational and decision-making processes of your business are covered and optimized. Your employees all use the same application regardless of their profession
    • multi acquisition mode. They are available On premise** and SaaS***
    • international. They are natively multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-legislation.
  • Mono database. Data updates are shared in real time by your various services. There isn’t any risk of multiple entries.


* Enterprise Resource Planning.
** On-premise : solution of acquiring one or more licenses for the application and then at internal hosting, on a PC or, ideally, on a secured server and more reliable availability (high).
*** SaaS : Software as a Service proposes to use software as a hosted service priced by subscription.