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Public Services – Associations
Meet the needs of your users and members

Public services and associations are at the heart of the mutations that occur in both of the scientific, technical and social fields. Whatever your industry (association, legal, protection, administration, service or public safety), you are facing many challenges :

  • adapting to social and citizen requests,
  • dealing with the introduction of competition and the redefinition of the implementation strategies,
  • accelerate dematerialized process.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and customer relationship management (CRM) allows you to manage your finances, relationships between different actors, logistics, recruitment and more, in order to reduce costs and increase productivity.


An appropriate information system allows your organization to increase its performance. It can :

  • energize your administration, association and offer a faster and effective services to users,
  • organize you to provide an available local public quality supply services,
  • empower your staff with appropriate tools that allows you to be more efficient and responsive,
  • drive your business by controlling your budget.

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