Processed products : Develop your production simply

Processed products
Develop your production simply

Economic difficulties do not spare the sector of processed products (take away products, freshly prepared meals, freezed, canned or frozen). Even if you to transform meat or fish, your problems are many :

  • rising of the commodity prices, transport, packaging and energy,
  • constant prices and products pressure of large retail stores,
  • constant fluctuations in buying patterns,
  • multiplication of strict health régulations,
  • conquest of new markets.

Our Food industry module associated with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV and AX) solutions, allow you to meet these challenges and take advantage of :

  • a performance management of your business. Your industry and finance, direct and indirect data are taken into account in the analysis of cost. You have a real-time visibility   to anticipate and make the right décisions,
  • a simple and peaceful relationship management with major retailers. Your system manages pricing and complex organizations,
  • a facility to international development. Our ERP internationals are natively (multilingual,multi-currency, multi-regulation …),
  • a guarantee of quality and traceability with unbreakable quality control functionality, management of non-conformity and batch numbers, container and SSCC,
  • targeting your marketing on specific criteria to meet consumer needs.

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