Manufacturing : Optimize its industrial responsiveness

Optimize its industrial responsiveness and internationalization

With the digital revolution, all the industrial sectors are suffering the consequences of major changes in our consumption patterns. The established models in terms of production, customer relations or supplier relationship are completely disrupted. This change is, nevertheless, a great opportunity for the companies able to adapt. This digital revolution disrupted the patterns established in terms of production, relationship to the customer or even of relationship to suppliers.These changes are a tremendous opportunity for companies that can adapt: to gather customer needs, provide a product that meets their expectations, constantly seek to innovate … But they can also be a challenge for those that are not supported by their information system.Dealing with this changing market, a good human and material resource management is a major challenge.

The success of the company depends on its ability to :

  • be flexible to produce the right amounts at the right time and respond to deadlines,
  • meet compliance standards and provide quality and innovative products,
  • control and reduce its production costs.

To be able to meet these requirements, the company must have a complete information system in which  the ERP is the central element that allows the company :

  • to visualize in real-time all operations,
  • to take quick decisions based on accurate data,
  • easily adapt its processes to remain agile.

We have already provided its services to many industries such as Accor Lubrifiant, ICAPE Holding or Mitsubishi Electric, in the redesign of their Information Systems.They have trusted us for their ERP projects built with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX offers, but also to manage their customer relationships, developed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or to their infrastructure or their office technology with Office 365.

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