Fruits and Vegetables : Vitamin boost your business

Fruits and Vegetables
Vitamin boost your business

Fruits and Vegetables industry has a variety of professions : import, export, shipping, processing. As a wholesalers, packers, processors or assemblers, you are confronted with many problems :

  • innovate and offer new (products, packaging …) suitable for consumption patterns,
  • manage various conservation process (pasteurization, sterilization, deep-freezing…),
  • ensure a high level of traceability in the context of food security where consumers are increasingly informed,
  • ensure the taste quality of your products, forcing you to follow quality storage processing,
  • meet the constraints intrinsically linked to material : storage time reduced fragility…
  • deal constantly with fluctuating prices,
  • control in a sophisticated manner the margin generated for each set purchased.

The food industry module of our ERP module allows you to meet the challenges of your industry :

  • create new products, new recipes, and enter new markets (IFP : intermediate food products) through experimentation and analysis of new fabrications features,
  • optimize your production management, inventory and quality through automated and tailored logistics processes,
  • work internationally using a native international ERP,
  • control your margins through a very subtle visibility of return on cost.

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