Beverages : Overcome the challenges of your industry

Overcome the challenges of your industry

Very diversified the beverage industry (natural water, spirits, champagne, wine, brewery products, table water, and soft drinks) meets sometimes a specific issues.For example If you belong to the alcohol industry, spirits and wine, you must manage the LAP (Liter of Pure Alcohol), the alcohol taxes and customs duties, and the material tracking. Exporting is a must for you. If you work in the water field, you are subject to the constraints imposed by the distribution networks.

Suppoted by our food industry unit, our Microsoft Dynamics software allows you to :

  • manage specific declarative customs imposed on alcohol industry,
  • work easily at the international with a native international dimension of our ERP (multicurrency, multilingual, multi-regulation…),
  • simplify your relationship with retailers with dematerialized exchanges features and complex pricing.


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