Dairy : Combine tradition and innovation in an effective manner

Combine tradition and innovation in an effective manner

Given its wide range of products, the dairy industry is highly competitive. Manufacturers must develop increasingly strong added value products (AOC, new conditioning packages) and make considerable efforts in terms of quality, innovation and communication.The challenge of this industry is to produce, process and market safe milk in terms of food security in a context of increasingly competitive and international.

Our Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, complemented with our Food industry module allows you to :

  • simply develop your international presence by relying on the international dimension of the native software (multi-country, multi-lingual, multi -devises, multi-regulation …),
  • meet the requirements for differentiation and innovation through features product specifications and recipes,
  • ensure traceability, quality and safety of your components (fat, protein…) and of your finished products using quality control, (antibiotic tests, temperature, acidity, aroma, visual, Ph, coliform …) and management of non -conformity,
  • manage and control of production costs following the price variation of the milk, the accounting transactions (from reception to the milk treatment, to inventory and shipments), trade agreements, material balance and performing the milk payroll with registration fee schedules laboratory and transportation.

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