Wholesale - Distribution : Streamline your trading activity

Wholesale – Distribution
Streamline your trading activity

Trade and distribution sector is composed of wide variety actors. Suppliers, buyers, trading companies, selective distribution… Whatever your position in your chain or distribution networks (large and medium size retail stores, large food stores, home improvement stores …), you belong to a complex sector and must deal with many problems :

  • an increasing pressure on prices,
  • a complicated cooperation contracts (advert participation, claim of rebate…),
  • a complex pricing (multiple discounts, promotions, schedule …),
  • an international environment,
  • multiplication of distribution channels,
  • a constantly changing request.

To overcome these challenges and supply networks with material and equipment in accordance with the requirements of consumers, your business must be :

  • responsive to meet fluctuating and varied demand,
  • organized with inventory management, but also quality and blameless logistics,
  • effective to analyze profitability in real time and make the right décisions.

A complete information system which ERP is the central element allows your company to meet these requirements.Our Microsoft Dynamics software coupled with our module dedicated  to companies in the Retail and Distribution Sector allow you to :

  • real-time viewing of all operations,
  • monitor your margins in a complex pricing environment,
  • consider in your information system, all branches and trees of your distribution networks,
  • improve productivity in the exchanges with your partners suppliers and customers,
  • easily adapt your processes to remain agile.

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