Auctions : Professionalize your sales with Isatech
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Professionalize your sales

The auctions are an essential part of the market competitiveness of French art. Each year, millions of objects, from simple to more valuable are sold each year throughout the country. The mutations (regulatory, organizational…) are not saving your economic sector. You must deal with many problems :

  • multiply the sales contexts,
  • meet a legal framework still evolving,
  • secure all purchase and sale transactions,
  • maintain the trust of your customers, but also market professionals (auctioneers, experts, gallery, antique…),
  • to adapt to a dimension more and more international.

Aware of the changes in your profession, we offer software solutions in which the customer relationship, physical and financial transactions flows are fully supported. Dedicated to the auctions sector, they cover 100% of your business needs, preparing auctions until their transaction is recorded. The functionality of our applications allow you to :

  • sell in multiple contexts :
    • voluntary public auctions, judicial, mixed,
    • cataloged sales, current sales,
    • room sales, outside sales,
    • Internet sales,
  • better know your buyers, sellers, market professionals to meet their expectations,
  • ensure full traceability of batches,
  • enhance productivity with simplified and automated processes,
  • drive your business with a comprehensive and cross-functional visibility of your data in real time,
  • Help you internationalize simply by using multi-country, multi-currency, multi-lingual features.

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