Our Mission : Partner in successful digital transformation

Our Mission

We are your partner in successful digital transformation

Digital transformation means a set of technologie mutations and behaviors, caused by the maturity of the internet economy. Firstly consumers have now a range of tools to express themselves and master consumer trends. On the other hand companies have their own tools to anticipate this trends and better meet the consumer needs. The digital transformation is energized by the real time data analysis, to provide the most personalized user experience.

Isatech set the digital transformation as a strategic element for all your IT projects. We understand what’s at stake for our clients, such as the importance of managing customer relationships, and having the best IT solutions with dédicated support.


Why choose isatech?

Our methodology suits any type of project (standard or custom integration, core model) and activity. That is why we always use the same methodology, regardless of the project size. With Isatech, you make therefore the choice of the performance with a efficient IT system, evolving, sustainable and with a guaranty of your employees success.

Our offer

Global. It goes from the ERP infrastructure through business intelligence to the CRM and the  support.

Complete. Our solutions portfolio  is complete. It meets all the company needs wishing to develop and make its information system, a real lever of performance.

Sustainable. Microsoft Dynamics solutions is well known all over the world.

Evolving. Microsoft is more and more investing  in the development of its solutions

Our method

Our method is the key of your project success. We use a simplified  Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, recognized all over the world. It increases the speed of ERP projects integration through adapted tools and guides. Moreover  it also allows an effective  organized and  mastered  implementation with a secured  budget.


How do we support our customers ?

We assist companies in their digital transformation: support in setting up all or part of an information system, upgrade and migration, strategic consulting, training, audit, and data hosting. For specific industries, we are able to adjust our technologie to fulfill the customer needs (food industry, auction sale…).

Business areas of our Customers :

Food & BeveragesWholesale – DistributionFinance – InsuranceManufacturingLife SciencesProfessional ServicesPublic Services – AssociationsAuctions